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Ethical code

Our commitment is to be a reference point and dissemination of the culture of health and wellness.

To this purpose, we have compiled our Code of Ethics, that we respect with scrupulous attention , based on the following principles :

in carrying out our daily work, in the attention that we we make available to your needs, the choice of products that we put at your disposal

in effectively responding to your requests, in offering our advice and information about correct methods of assumption, retention and appropriate use of medicines in the extemporaneous preparation of magistral or galenic medicines . To this purpose, we strive to maintain the highest levels and our professional preparation with the frequency periodic refresher training 

The quality as constant commitment to pursue high levels of quality of service through a continuous process of updating and in-depth study within the sectors that we treat in combination with an incessant search for products that best meet any requirement in the health sector , and more widely in theme of wellness . All this in order to ensure a timely and effective solution to your every need

in the treatment and listening to each user , regardless of gender , race and creed , with attention to the signs and the information is clearly understood
Courtesy and engaging in dialogue and in serving closely -user


suggestions , opinions , evaluations and even grievances , in order to optimize and improve our service . Let's ensure , to this purpose , our commitment and our willingness to offer timely answers and appropriate solutions.

Promoting a culture of health and wellness
intended as fundamental rights for every person . By virtue of this we actively seek to support the most vulnerable , promoting initiatives on their own or by joining in projects on a national scale.

Protection and Surveillance
to understand and investigate the information from the user about possible side effects and disorders caused by taking a particular drug ; care in the transmission thereof to the Ministry of Health, in order to strengthen the network of Pharmacovigilance

offering its services with continuous times even on the night shift , to meet the needs of the citizen.

Respect for the right of choice
of every citizen to obtain supplies of medicines and pharmaceutical services to take advantage of any structure in the pharmaceutical

on the part of all employees of our pharmacy not to disclose information about our customers , purchases , services which have benefited from the information and advice required .

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